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So... Christa is pregnant. Right?

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((Apologies for not putting spoiler tag... But seriously, it's a prediction not a spoiler... Anyway. The title should be "Christa is pregnant, right?" not *****))

Been thinking about this, and it made the most sense. "It's a sonogram", she says solemnly when you ask what this is on the ground in episode 4 during the nurse's office scene. It's a small thing, but Lee's lack of knowing and the fact that SHE answers and not Vernon (the doctor) seems like a deliberate toss in to me.

Also, she's been "throwing up a lot" (according to Lee. She claimed it was only during the dog scene, but he said it as if it was more than once), really pale recently. She was panicked about Omid (yes I know they're lovers but more than normal), she always questions Lee's raising Clementine...

And, finally, there's where we first see them in episode 3. Both of them were excited, WAY too excited, to see a child in a group. At first I just thought they were a couple of creepy MFers, but at this point, no. I'm pretty sure it was just "See? Kids CAN survive" from Omid, and what they had been talking about (that they wouldn't tell Lee about) was whether or not they'd accept her in the group seeing as how she's "with child". The idea of Clementine being there, to them, meant they were okay with having kids around.

Thoughts? I'm not 100% on this, obviously, but I'm pretty damn sure...

Edit: As additional proof (which I forgot about because I saved Christa on the train scene, and not Omid), I remember how in Ep3 when you save Omid people said he says something like "Don't you get it?! She's..." and then she jumps in. Likely "She's pregnant!"
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