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TWD: Episode 4 won't download!!

posted by chaz99 on - last edited - Viewed by 6.3K users
I keep getting the "connection lost" message. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH MY INTERNET CONNECTION!!

Fix this, TT!!
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  • This is the email I got back from telltale support. Sure is super helpful...sarcasm.


    I do apologize for this problem. We are aware that a small number of players are experiencing this issue, and we are currently investigating a solution. Please ensure you have a strong internet connection and are logged into your Telltale account before attempting the download again. Also, you can try connecting to another network and/or resetting your router/modem.

    Thank you,
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I moved this to game support.

    Please have a look at this simple workaround for the instant "connection lost" issue.

    It is less elaborate than the manual download, and helps in many cases.
  • Good news, this worked for me. Recommended to anyone who is having the same issue. :)
  • Worked great for me and it's really easy! My EP4 download needed to be restarted 5 or 6 times but it all finally came in, the game plays great! THANK YOU!!!!
  • chaz99;693009 said:
    I keep getting the "connection lost" message. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH MY INTERNET CONNECTION!!

    Fix this, TT!!
    I get the same frikin problem and my conection is perfect this game is garbage........i gatta whatch it on youtube with thousands of other people playing having fun while telltale sits there with there thumbs up there who knows get a friking fix for all us pc users.... This company is frikin pathetic'''''''''''''''''''''
  • I’ve not complained about TTG’s struggle w/ their promised monthly releases but this is ridiculous. Almost a week after the release of E4 and I still can’t download it. While I appreciate the effort of DjNDB posting the ‘simple’ workaround no way in hell am I trying it. Nor should I have to. Which leaves me dead in the water and very frustrated.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    The official patch for the disconnection issue is out now. Restarting the game will download and install it automatically. Afterwards you should be able to download the episodes.
  • still not working here, didnt see a patch install either. although it got up to 47% this time then done the connection error again :/
  • Still getting connection error message after trying everything I found on here/support. Even re-installed and got nothing to show for it. Been waiting to play episode 4 for awhile now even though I've ran into spoilers. Can this been fixed please?
  • Same here still no go, dosent work, in all my years of gaming ive never known anything like it :(
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