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Jolene videotape

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This is more related to episode 2 than episode 4 but whatever. What was with Jolene anyway, and her videotape at the end? I thought the videotape at the end of episode 2 was a way of setting something up for ep 3 but we never hear anything about it afterwards. The video also doesn't reveal anything about how she got Clementine's hat.

And Jolene herself. Nobody knows who she was besides a mother who lost her daughter according to the picture in the tent. When she died she seemed like a useless character anyway that had nothing to do with the plot, although I wish she was something more.

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  • The video is supposed to show the player that the deal the farmers had with the bandits kept them(somewhat) at bay, so killing the farmers and ruining their deal probably pissed them off. I got the "Oh fuck" moment when I saw the tape. If Ben saw the tape, he might have thought that cutting a deal with the bandits could have save them, but doing it behind everyone's back was just stupid.

    Now that I think about it, it's weird that the group never thought of making a deal with the bandits. Maybe they did..

    How Jolene got Clem's hat is anyone's guess. Maybe she sneaked up and stole her hat because it looks cool?
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