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[TWD] Walking Dead Eps. 4 Issues

posted by trist on - last edited - Viewed by 217 users
Yesterday I played through the 4th chpt. which was great BTW won't give spoilers, but I'm having some issues with the game.

I'm using all 3 of the save file slots. Number 1 is always used for my 1st playthrough, as it was yesterday. So I finished the whole game waited for the credits to finish so it would autosave then turned off the console. Last night I went to play again using my next save file but when I went to load it I noticed that my first game for 4 wasn't saved in the number 1 slot somehow it got saved to the number 3 slot. Which made me mad since it meant my first responses were added to a saved game that I was playing with set rules, so it messed that up, and since I now knew the situations of the game even if I did my number 1 slot game again it would be like cheating now.
But it gets worse, I couldn't even select my #1 slot game now, or #2 for that matter. When I tried, it jumped right to the #3 slot game.

Also I unlocked all the acheivements, but I'm not getting credited for them. When I look at my acheivements they're all there, but it says I've only unlocked 24/32 as if I never even played chpt 4. Is there anyway to fix that?

Lastly the very end of the game was buggy too. The part where you get your game stats and how they compare to other players choices was all messed up. It was saying 35% of players selected option 1, or option2 but I had no idea what they were talking about as it relates to what happened in the game.

I can kinda forgive everything else. But if I've lost my first 2 save files for good, that is unacceptable. And really making me feel like I don't want to play again

Some very odd and frustrating things with this latest chpt. Maybe they rushed it out too soon.

On the last one, I'd rather wait, then have this happen again.
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  • I'm having that achievement bug, too. Hopefully they release a patch soon.
  • I'm also having this problem and its really frustrated me because my first saved slot was my main story line while the other slot 2 was an different plot I was aiming for. On my second slot I've only done chapter 1 as well so it jumped 3 chapters making its own decisions. I cant pick my first slot anymore either it always goes to my second one which is annoying and now I have to do it all over again... Any help? maybe a patch on this soon?
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