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Your opinion on why Molly changed her mind

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When she and Lee get back from the repair shop, she says she has something to do.

She decides to keep the battery just in case they mind leave without her. So, at the point she clearly intended to go with them…or hold them back for a while.

However, if in your game she survives, at the end, she leaves the house without notifying anybody, not even Lee who barely managed to catch her at the stairs.

Is she hiding something you think?
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  • Could be after the whole Ben/Kenny debacle in the classroom, she decided that she was right all along and it's safer to be on her own than in a group.
  • 2 things
    I immediately thought when she came back that she had actually swaped it for a dead battery, so thats a possibilty
    Second, if not that, i would assume she changed her mind after getting to know Kenny and Ben
  • Yeah I'm pretty sure it was the Kenny/Ben thing.
    She even made a comment about it IIRC.
    Seems like the type that didn't want to be dragged down by others.
    And Ben was def. that kind of buzzkill.
  • I agree, I think after witnessing the groups dysfunction (namely Kenny and Ben) she decided she would go back out on her own rather than get caught up in the groups BS.
  • If Ben cost me Molly joining up that be another thing that makes me not like him very much.
  • Yeah I was really hoping Molly would have come along. She was a great character, and was a hell of alot more useful than Ben. Actually she's pretty much protagonist material. Prolly the most interesting secondary character int he game.
  • I thought it might have been to do with my choice to save Ben, in the sense that she knew the boat was going to be overcrowded. I'm guessing she leaves regardless of your choice though so it must just be realising how fragile friendships are in a group.
  • Honestly, Kenny wanting to exclude Ben from the group and the boatride.
    And also the impromptu voting Ben out of the group.

    Those things probably reminded her of the Crawford scenario.
    The whole let's oust you out cause you're a detriment to the group sorta mentality.
  • Our group was messed up even before reaching the train. After going through all that stuff, it just got worse. She saw what the group had become and decided that she didn't want to be any part of a group as dysfunctional as ours, and she probably made the right choice.
  • It wouldn't surprise me if she was planning to come back and steal it or something.

    I just don't trust her, she tends to lie and some things she says just don't add up - "Oh, I've been over every inch of this city, there's nothing left", then a.) why the hell are you still looking for supplies, b.) why wouldn't you try to leave?

    There's also the fact that she was apparently in the same area as Walkie-talkie dude at the start of the Episode; we can see her silhouette at the bell tower in the start of the episode, and the walkie-talkie guy was obviously in the same area since he was able to see us. Clem also happens to go missing right after Molly decides to stay behind, so...
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