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[Spoiler] Oooh maybe...

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...They'll let us play as zombie lee in ep 5? OOH MAYBE YOU DIE AND COME BACK AND KILL THE KIDNAPPER AS A ZOMBIE.

I'm not gonna lie, that would be an amazing ending. Sad, but poetic. I would love it. Especially if Clementine, who's apparently a bloody eagle eye going by her taking out the zombie attacking Molly in that scene, finishes you off after.
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  • I thought a while ago that if Lee ever did turn (which I suspected he might) then we may play as a zombie for a short amount of time. However I doubt that if it does happen that we will be some sort of vigilantee corpse tracking down the kidnapper. We are just as likely to attack our friends.

    right like there is a moment where you need to pull christa up outta some danger and the choice flashes randomly (pull up/Bite) and you gotta choose wisely before she drops lol. i want a zombie lee moment. shit they fucking bit me and i dont wanna be put down. I wanna roam free and bite as many folks as I can lol...not my group but like vernon, ben, radio douche...something :p
  • I love the global hate poor Ben receives, haha, well he is kinda useless anyway.

    On topic; I thiiiink that might not be a good idea, but that's my opinion, sure it'd be pretty ironic to FINALLY be "The Walking Dead" in the full meaning of the word since from the comics you understand that the actual walking dead are the survivors.

    It'd be interesting, not really going to go on a limb and say they'll do it though.
  • Not gonna happen. Just no.
  • *Lee awakens as a zombie and walks to Clem*
    Dialogue options:
    Clementine: "Lee?"

    theres great potential for some good dialogue options!
  • *lee awakens as a zombie and walks to clem*
    dialogue options:
    clementine: "lee?"
    [chew clementine's face off]
    [chew clementine's arm off]
    [chew clementine's leg off]

    theres great potential for some good dialogue options!

    [use napkin]
  • I think the group will knock out the kidnapper and lock him in a room with Lee, give time for the others to escape and zombie Lee is happy :D
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    Great ideas !! plus vivid description
  • [gnaw]
    [use napkin]

    Zombie Lee has some class.

    After a healthy meal of Child-face, remember to wipe that nasty blood off your face.
  • I think it is more likely that we get to be Clementine half way through when Lee turns and Clementine has to finish this
  • I'd rather be zombie Lee than Clementine.
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