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Xbox 360 Ep4 issues.

posted by Androu1 on - last edited - Viewed by 388 users
So I just downloaded Ep4 and I'm trying to play it but I'm having issues. It's asking me if I want it to generate randumb decisions for skipped episodes. I haven't skipped any episode and I don't want it to screw everything up.

Also, it's only recognizing the 2nd save slot. After I played Ep3, I copied my 1st slot save to the 2nd slot to try something out without the rewind killing my progress. I deleted that save after I was done with it.

Now, the game only loads the 2nd slot. If I have nothing in the 2nd slot, it thinks it's a new game, even though I'm highlighting my 1st slot which says "EPISODE 3".

If I copy my 1st slot save to the 2nd slot, it seems to recognize progress but gives me that "generate randumb decisions?" thing. Copying to the 3rd slot does nothing either, as it is only loading from the 2nd save slot.
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