(TWD-PC)Booted up Episode 4 to find my save had disappeared.

So I played through Episode 1-3 about a week or so ago without incident. When I booted the game up to play Episode 4, however, it started up in windowed mode, which I found to be unusual as I only play in full screen, and my saves were gone. I checked my Walking Dead saves folder to see if they were still intact and they were - nothing had been deleted, the game simply wouldn't read the files.

Now the first thing I did was check online to see if anyone else was having the same issue, but the only thread I found were ones from people who had the same issue a few months ago with earlier episodes.

The solution I followed can be found at this link:

When I followed the steps outlined in the link, I booted up the new save and it brought me to the final cutscene in Episode 3. However, when the "previously on The Walking Dead" montage began , I noticed a number of inconsistencies, ie Doug was featured as opposed to Carly, who I had saved in Episode 1.

tl;dr: The game won't read my saves, and when I tried to replace the newly created save with my old one the choices carried over incorrectly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


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    Hey Spyduck! A few users in this thread seem to have found a potential fix using the prefs.prop file. Not sure if you're using Steam or the TTG version, but either way it may be worth trying out.
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