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Thanking TTG for making episode 4 playable!

posted by LadyJ on - last edited - Viewed by 204 users
I was skeptical about playing this episode on PC after my experience with the previous episode. The controls were just awkward. In fact, I watched the first half on youtube before I decided to go ahead and play it.

This time around, I think the controls were MUCH better, mostly because there were less required targets, more options to just SHOOT without aiming and there was more time to align the targets when given.

I would like to think this is because TTG listened to our complaints last time I am saying that this PC gamer is grateful!
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  • I take it you're playing with mouse and keyboard, and not a gamepad? I'm playing on the PC but with a 360 controller, just because having the other stuff on my lap is a little awkward when the cat wants to join me on the sofa. :) The shooting sequences were more challenging this time on PC than in previous eps, but felt good with a controller so I'm sure they feel solid with a mouse as well. I'm sure that's one of the things the TellTale team has had time to improve over the course of this episodic series.
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