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Troubles downloading Walking Dead episode 4

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I love the walking dead games, i truly do, but there is one problem i always seem to have... The downloading. It happened with episode 2 the first time and it took days to download. A message saying "Connection lost while downloading data. Please ensure you have a working internet connection and re-attempt download." and whats worse is it doesn't go anywhere! It starts at 0.00% (Which is probably not supposed to happen...) and then flashes to 10% for a millisecond then the message pops up. I don't know what i did to make Episode 2 work but i think it had something to do with me re-downloading the entire game. But i really don't want to do that now, with all the progress I've made. I really just want to play the game and i would expect more from a website that specializes has downloadable games. i really hope this problem gets fixed because the sooner i can play the game the better. Thanks.
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  • Im having same problem! I Preordered and have downloaded the other three episodes with no issues like this. I hope they fix it, ive emailed support. It seems to be issue for alot of others as well
  • I'm having the exact same issue!!
  • I am having the same issue on PC version.
  • Same here. I'm having that issue on my PC version.
    Is there anyway we can fix it or do we just have to wait for support?
  • I am getting the same message when I try to download episode 4 for the PC. WTH is going on??? It's been 2 days now and am getting the same message! over and over!
  • I received an e-mail from Telltale saying, "We are aware that a small number of players are experiencing this issue," and my response to that is: I don't care if I'm the ONLY one (which I'm clearly not), it needs to be resolved since the problem clearly isn't on my end (I've also downloaded the first 3 episodes without a problem). The e-mail also said, "Please ensure you have a strong internet connection and are logged into your Telltale account before attempting the download again. Also, you can try connecting to another network," and I am logged in, clearly my internet is fine (I'm posting this), and I have no other network other than my home internet connection (is that what that means?).
  • I figured it was because of the massive amount of players trying to download it on the day of release so I usually wait a couple of days before I try as well, but its still not working for me either...
  • It's happening to me too on PC version. This is happening to a lot of people, so Telltale is wrong.
  • Wait a sec... Weren't there three pages in this thread? What happened? I replied twice.
    Was it another thread??

    I'm still having the issue. My Internet is fine.

    Ah, I see now. They moved the other thread into the "Tech Issues" area. Seems sort of like a bad idea considering it's a major issue that a lot of people are having. Doesn't hurt to keep the biggest thread alive in here for people to easily find.

    I never thought I'd be one of these people but... What the heck is going on? No word form anybody? Frustrating.
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