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What is Vernon up to?

posted by Chris-Sabian on - Viewed by 184 users
I was wondering what Vernon was up to.

First, he devises the plan to sneak into Crawford, and before we discovered it had been overrun by hordes of zombies, he assumed they could get in and leave before “they” know it.

Do you really think our group could have been able to challenge the Crawford clique, without losing half of the folks?

If they had been pinned down in a firefight, they would have run out of ammunitions…

Also, I wondered why Vernon proposed to keep Clementine. He didn’t propose Lee to come and see his group to make sure they were trustworthy people. In addition, he mentions that other people have kids, but at the morgue there are no kids to be seen.

Perhaps he meant another place, but still, why would he disappear like that, even when you think that keeping Clementine would be a sound idea.
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