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Refund? What's the best way to get one?

posted by Alex1939 on - last edited - Viewed by 296 users
I paid money for a game that does not work. What is the best way to get my money back? Anyone had luck getting refunds from TTG?
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  • I can't offer you any help, but I'd also like to find out. The game worked perfectly fine when I bought it, and now it wont run at all, after their "conversion to a more efficient format". Since everybody refuses to help me, I am going to look into getting a refund.
  • At this point, I'm midway through episode 2. I'd be happier with money back than continuing on. The game play is akward on the PC... I don't enjoy it. Story is good. I'd rather just have my money back. Especially with all these problems. I get 45 minutes at best to play games every three days.

    I'm not a fan of throwing away 30 bucks though. I played 2/5 the episodes... I'd be fine with 2/5 the money back. I'd prefer all of it and might consider something in the future but at this point... not a chance.

    I told a co-worker and he said, "Oh telltale?? yeah... i would never buy from them" That's disappointing to hear.

    Oh and PS.
    Telltale... in another forum you said, "A small number of customers are encountering issues" While I'm glad you guys responded, telling people who are frustrated that they are a minority is demeaning and sh!tty. Thanks for letting us know you give a damn about people who have trouble with your broken product.
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