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I just thought about this...

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Back in episode one *yes I'm going back a lot* when you first Meet Kenny and his family. He has a truck I'm guessing a Nissan/Toyota style pickup truck, and when it runs out of gas at Macon we know what happened next... Now when they get out of there and make it to the Travelier hotel his truck is there... Now in the 2nd episode its gone and nowhere to be found, like it isn't in the camp at all... I was thinking if he was so concerned on getting to Florida why didn't he leave with his family the next day?? I mean he must have had at least 1/8 tank of gas left in it after they siphoned some gas to escape from Macon. I believe they could go get more gas to siphon due to all the abandoned cars on the streets... Plus the infection just began, if he can make it out of the state of Georgia faster instead of waiting the 3 months I wonder if they would have had a better chance to get to Florida?

Here is my guess about why it isn't seen in any episodes after Ep1. They probably used his pickup truck to gather supplies or try and make it out of town at one time but failed due to some mechanical issue or the roads being clogged with ruined cars and came back to the camp on foot. But if they just left it bc of it running out of gas, why did they leave it? I mean in my opinion it would be a lot better vehicle to use to get his family out because its smaller than the RV, easier to drive, may have some offroad capability although I assume its 2wd, and would get better miles per gallon

This was somthing I just thought about on my drive to college this morning and want to know what other forum members think about my idea or theory?
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  • What I did notice is out on the pier there was a wrecked trucked that looked more or less like Kenny's

    But I don't think the group would have been okay with him taking the gas with him and leaving like that.
  • Well if he finds his own gas like out on the road then I dont see a problem with it. I do understand what you mean if he took gas from the group. Glen was able to go on his own without much opposition and he had the most gas Im assuming.

    Like I feel Kenny had the option of leaving the group bc Larry wanted to throw his boy out to the walkers, and he hardly knows anyone.
  • Ah good point. He sure did didn't he.

    Yeah for all that "I gotta look out for my family." mumbo jumbo he sure was sticking with the group when all he had to do was jet like Glen.

    and on second thought if he was in the pan handle part of the state he could have made it, but out towards the tip...which is where I thought he was from, I don't think he could have made it
  • True, I forgot Ft. Lauderdale is located on the tip, but I still think he may have a chance if all this happened in Georgia he may be able to get to Florida while its still safe.
  • Yes, they could make it back to Florida. As long as they had no trouble finding fuel, no breakdowns, and no major run-ins with zombies or bandits.
  • In the opening days, (IE Episode 1 and a few days after it ended) they probably could have made it back to Florida, so long as they found fuel and stuff. Kenny said that they would fortify the motor inn and wait for the army to rescue them, and by the time everyone realized they were on their own, it was too late to get home. They likely lost the truck when it had a mechanical failure out on a supply run, or ran out of fuel, or got surrounded by walkers when they left. It's impossible for anyone to get anywhere but they Atlantic now, though.
  • Even if they didn't have enough gas in that truck, I'm sure they could siphon enough early on from abandoned cars to make it there. They just stopped after meeting Lee and staying at the motor inn. Despite wanting to leave, and all his talk about getting out of there, Kenny did see the merit in staying with a larger group to help keep his family safe. Didn't work out in the end, but even still.

    Besides, didn't they say that Kenny was working on repairing the RV? Maybe they siphoned the gas left in the truck to put in the RV, and then just ran on fumes on a supply run until the truck ran out of gas completely and they abandoned it.
  • Snake Liquid;696999 said:
    If Rick and co. can make it from Atlanta, Georgia all the way to Washington D.C, then I don't see why this group can't get from Savannah, Georgia to Florida. I say yes they can. It might be a tough road, but they could make it if they moved carefully.

    Even if they didn't have enough gas in that truck, I'm sure they could siphon enough early on from abandoned cars to make it there. They just stopped after meeting Lee and staying at the motor inn.
    Ricks group is totally different from Lee's. 3 people in this group died on the way from Macon to Savannah, and another one was abandoned/ran away. There's no way any of them could get to Florida NOW.
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