[PATCHED] TWD - PS3 Save Corruption Issue - Update!

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Hi Everyone,

We are definitely aware of the reports of PS3 saves being corrupted, and have been working dilligently to identify the issue. I would like to offer this quick FAQ on the subject which hopefully will answer any questions you may have. I will add new information on the subject, as it becomes available.

Who/what platforms is the ‘loss of save data’ issue affecting?
We have identified an issue surrounding the loss of save data on the PlayStation 3 platform related to the usage of multiple save slots.

How many people have reported issues?
We have received a small number of reports surrounding this issue since the launch of Episode Four: Around Every Corner and have been working with users on our forums to clearly identify a solution which will be resolved as quickly as possible.

What can people do to avoid it?
Players on the PlayStation 3 platform should be able to avoid this issue by refraining from use of the third save slot in the game menu. If players get a corrupted save error, they should immediately use the ‘Home’ button to return to the PlayStation dashboard and wait for a patch that Telltale Games will be issuing very soon.

When will it be patched?
We are working with our partners at Sony to push the patch to users as quickly as possible, and will update our customers as soon as we have confirmed when the patch has been released. Any users experiencing this issue, please report your bug to support@telltalegames.com to better help us identify the problem.


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    Patch Released - v1.03

    A new patch has been released that will resolve this issue. Please exit gameplay to the XMB (Sony dashboard), and then relaunch the game. You will be prompted to install the v1.03 patch. Once installed, you can continue to play the Walking Dead.

    Please note, if you received the corrupted save message and exited to the XMB (Sony dashboard), then you will need to rewind 1 checkpoint before continuing your game. If you have never received this message, or pulled down an unaffected save from cloud storage, you can continue your game as normal.
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    This patch is now live in Europe, as well.
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