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So when did you first discover zombies?

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Was it The Walking Dead or something else? For me, I was about 12 years old when I first saw The Omega Man with Charleton Heston. He's the lone survivor of a plague that wipes out the entire population, except for a few people who are still alive but physically changed by the effects. They technically weren't zombies but they were scary (to a 12 year old girl!) and dangerous. That has always been one of my favorite movies, and is still tons better than the Will Smith remake I Am Legend.

How did you get introduced to zombies?
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  • Some of you guys were in the elementary school when they started to like zombies? nice lol
    I think it startet with the Resident Evil 1 film (about 10 years ago) but the real hype started with Left for dead about 4 years ago. (I don't read much zombie comics or books, I prefer to play or watch it but maybe I should start with that stuff)
  • Resident Evil on the Sega Saturn, I was only 6 years old and the first zombie you meet pretty much scared me out of my mind for quite some time. Just the way he turns and stares at you.....
  • With Resident Evil 1 when it came out.. I think.
  • I cant remember because it has been so long. It was a game on dreamcast but I can't remember what it was...
  • Long time ago, actually. Grew kind of interested about the creatures in cartoons. Then came the great Romero movies.
  • Mmm... I would say Resident Evil, the movie not PS game. Didn't fall in love with them till Dawn of the Dead, even if the movie did scare the crap out of me.
  • I don't remember, but it definitely wasn't TWD. Probably some cartoon or movie.
  • Ah I remember when I first discovered zombies fondly. I was about 7 years old, and my dad and I were fliping throught the TV channels, looking for something to watch, and we just so happened to come across the original Dawn of the Dead. If my mom had been home I never would have been able to watch it however, thankfully, she wasn't. I will be the first to admit that as a 7 year old, that movie scared the absolute hell out of me, and I loved it. I've been both in love and scared of zombies ever since.
  • WowMutt wrote: »
    telling my age now but.. The origional Night of the Living Dead!

    Same. It seemed like it was a long time before I ever saw another zombie movie but I never forgot that one. It gave me my first nightmare :)
  • These are such heart warming tells.
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