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Molly [Possible Spoilers]

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So, what happens if you don't bring Clem to Crawford? I heard that it's possible for Molly to die, but at the same time, I've yet to seen it happen.

I know without Clem, it's possible to shoot the Walker on Molly, but what happens if you miss? Do you have to re-try because she died, and you suddenly get eaten from behind, or does she die?
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  • When I fired the gun, the bullet hit the zombie and Molly was perfectly okay. She stopped next to me and said "Nice shooting," and we continued on with the episode. I didn't bring Clem to Crawford. Because, you know, bringing a child to giant society of murderous elitist pricks-- Well, wasn't my idea of a great idea.
  • I didn't brought Clem to Crawford but I did shoot the walker attacking Molly in one shot. I was wondering the same thing about Molly's fate if I shot her or if I ran out of time shooting the walker.
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