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Save file issue

posted by Kelium on - last edited - Viewed by 181 users
I know its another one of those threads but I cant understand whats wrong with my game...

I played episodes 1-3 and never had an issue with my saves when the new episodes came out.. When episode 4 came out I lost all my saves... I was agitated but I went ahead and played it again to get to episode 4. Now here is the problem I finished ep4 but lost all my saves again... I dont understand why it did this. I currently am playing through Steam on my PC. Im going to go ahead and uninstall the game and play ep1 to get to ep2 and save it. If it doesnt work I dont know what to do next.. Im very upset because I have spent a good deal of time in this game already and dont want to have to go all over again.

Thanks for any help or suggestions guys.
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