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TTG, stop paying your QA team IMMEDIATELY

posted by Shanksworthy on - last edited - Viewed by 200 users

Over-dramatic rant redacted. Can't stay mad at TTG. :-) I just finished playing part 4, and it was worth it. Solid game from top-to-bottom. But just for the record, here are all the things I had to go through in order to play this game:

- I had to randomize my previous decisions due to my savegames getting corrupted twice (even after painstakingly replaying everything, only to have the game crash on me and scramble my previous decisions once again.)

- A number of times when I tried to log in, the game locked me out claimimg that I wasn't registered, and gave me the option to "purchase the game" even though I'd already bought it. Many forum searches later, I discovered that holding down the space bar while starting the game will prompt me to re-enter my login credentials. This happened frequently and seemingly randomely.

- A bunch of times when I'd start the game, it would freeze on the startup screen shortly after "clicking" to start. I'd have to Alt+F4 out, restart, and pray.

- The game crashed twice, forcing me to start from an earlier save point

- Once while playing Ep1, I pressed Esc to go to the main menu and then when I tried to return to the game the entire thing started from the beginning! Then no matter what I selected from the menu, it would just restart me right from the beginning of Ep1. Thankfully I learned from the forums that pressing Alt+F4 to exit, then re-starting the game, selecting Play then rewinding, would allow me to restart from a point slightly before where I'd left off.

- I couldn't download part 3 or 4 by conventional methods. It had to use some backdoor manual workaround that I found in these forums to download the game.

Compared to this challenge, the game itself was relatively easy!
Seriously though -- you've made an entire complex game that is relatively bug-free, and yet you can't get the administrative stuff right? Maybe one group within TTG needs a little more scrutiny. Just saying.
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