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Am I the only person who wouldn't "keep moving"? (Some spoilers)

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I'm not gonna bother "tagging" spoilers in here, because I'll likely end up accidentally leaving one in there and people will get mad. Just know that there ARE some.

The thing that's always bugged me about the walking dead series, and really most zombie apocalypse things, is people find a group of people... but then never sit still with it. Why? There's no reason to keep moving. Find a town, buckle down and then clear that shit out.

In the comics, Rick tries that at one point with a prison. It ends badly for reasons I won't go into, but he still tries - It was a good idea. But clearly this isn't the only route to go by. Look at Crawford - They survived for AGES until one crazy pregnant woman went on a shooting spree through the town. And really, as long as you don't try to implement any idiotic "no children, or sick, etc" rules, thereby ensuring that your people only survive one generation, you shouldn't have this problem.

The dead have huge numbers, but beyond that they're slow and stupid. Get your group together with some bladed weapons, clear out a small patch of town (preferably somewhere with a building you can fortify that is big enough to house a lot of people, like a hospital [bonus if it still has beds and/or medicine]), and then push outwards from there. Will the dead ultimately try to push you out? Yes. But that's why you keep fighting.

I don't understand the concept of constantly moving from one place to the next. Why? The only thing that could EVER accomplish is finding new people, and let's be honest - that's not always a good thing. No, the best plan of attack in a situation like this is to REBUILD. If you die trying? Fine. At least you died taking a bunch of zombies with you. But truly, I don't think you will. If your group has at least, let's say 5 or more people with you, you should be fine for at least a while. And once you get yourself set in, people WILL find _you_. And if they don't? Send out scouts, find some. Place flyers around the place, who cares?

Anyway. That's just my rant here. Thoughts, anyone?
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  • I would keep moving,I like the idea of (spoilers!) settling down in a place like The Alexandria Safe-Zone or The Hilltop Colony,but once supplies were too hard to get or something happened I would find somewhere else to settle down for a bit.
  • I'd try to find some place like Woodbury or the motel to hole up as long as I could. Remember, the group only gets forced out by the bandits. The only reason I decided to go with Kenny's boat plan was because Savannah was where the train was going. I wanted to stay at the motel until bullets started flying. I'd only move on if the supplies ran out, I got attacked, or became a zombie and shambled mindlessly away from my safe haven.
  • Lets look at exactly where the deaths from the main group occur in the game.

    Savannah - 4 (Chuck, Kenny, Lee, Ben)
    While moving - 2 (Carley, Katjaa, Lilly leaves the group)
    St.Johns farm - 2 (Mark, Larry)
    Motel - 1 (Duck fatally wounded)
    Drug Store- 1 (Doug)

    Its pretty evident in hindsight that the 3 months or so spent at the motel was the groups peak, 3 casualties compared to 7 outside of that time. The walker threat is almost non existent during that time and thats despite the motel not being the best defended fort the worlds ever seen. Bunkering down somewhere is clearly the way to go or you'll die out pretty quickly if you have to constantly adapt to a new area.

    There are two big issues to combat, namely the supplies and the living. Unfortunately one of the first things i'd do once we'd fortified our home base is plan out thoroughly exactly we're going to go and how we're going to get there when we are inevitably forced to leave. That's the problem with getting the boat and going to the city in the game, its rushed and badly planned, over the three months i'd have done a lot of scouting. Find somewhere reasonably far away, prepare for it and move there when the time comes, rinse and repeat.

    People talking about years from now when the canned food and such goes off in 5 years or so, well thats a problem to think about if we're still alive in 4. Its hard to predict how well the walkers and bandits would still be surviving that far into the future.
  • The fall of Crawford was unrealistic.. I don't think she would survive for more than a minute if Crawford is full of armed and trained people.
    I would probably find a place where you can only get to by a ladder (I know the perfect place) and is inside a larger building. Put up a sleeping place up there and you're fine. Also, the area around it needs to be big, clear of objects, and have an exit outside nearby (This place also has it)
    Walkers can't get up and if you're in some trouble, you could run outside easily.
  • Mornai;772205 said:
    She probably was killed, but took down several guards as well. It's more likely Crawford did not know that you turn when dead if the brain is intact, and were taken by surprise when the corpses they piled up assaulted them from behind.
    I'd also like to add that an entire community of selfish assholes were probably quick to turn on each other the second something went wrong. I'm pretty sure that one woman didn't cause the entire fall of Crawford so much as probably triggered a chain reaction of similar events that led to them all killing each other.

    Crawford himself was hanging by his fucking neck in the bell tower. Clearly there was some kind of insurrection or uprising that ended badly for everyone. Considering what Molly said about Crawford's "system", the people of Crawford had probably become complacent and the first sign of trouble sent them into a frenzy.
  • I agree, the idea of always keep moving is foolish. I always argued for staying at the Motel, the best thing any group can do is find a place,fortify it, and rebuild for a better future.
  • Yeah but the motel wasn't safe. With the bandits around they would have to either wipe them all out or leave, they can't try and make a new life there with two kids when there are bandits in the woods attacking them and taking their short amount of supplies.
  • Ideally, I would want a place to settle down in with the group. The perfect place would be remote, fortified, and offer some level of self-sufficiency. This is probably difficult to find unless the group really, really lucked out.

    The biggest problem with the motor inn is that it wasn't self sufficient. Even without the bandits, the motor inn was not a long term solution. Macon was becoming increasingly dangerous to get whatever supplies is left, and episode two seems to suggest that there wasn't a lot of game to hunt in the woods either.

    So the ideal place would offer at least some source of food, like animals or fish. If it has some suitable land for cultivation, even better but that takes know how and supplies. It won't be easy, but it's not impossible considering we all basically descended from hunter-gatherer societies. What makes it very hard to settle down is the walkers and other survivors that would cause problems. That's why the most remote place that could be fortified would be useful. But a lot of this requires luck and there's no guarantee things would stay the same. Like Carley said, the motor inn was safe but it could change at any moment. That's why I think stories in TWD involve a lot of moving around.

    So Kenny's right in that the group would have to move on sooner or later, and Lilly probably adopted too much of a fortress mentality with the motor inn. If Kenny didn't smashed Larry's head in, maybe there could've been room for compromise. Before Lilly went nuts, she wasn't entirely an unthinking person.
  • Crixus;772233 said:
    I agree, the idea of always keep moving is foolish. I always argued for staying at the Motel, the best thing any group can do is find a place,fortify it, and rebuild for a better future.
    At a motel?

    Let's review... it's on the edge of a large town and surrounded by woods... they have no means to support themselves except for scavenging said town (which got pretty slim come the three month mark)

    If they'd had stayed at the motel - the only thing they'd have ended up building are burial plots.
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