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Saves still gone PS3!!!!

posted by Falling_down on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
I like many others lost all my saves with the slot 3/episode 4 glitch that occured, I downloaded the patch today, exited the game, and the re strated the game. I went to episode 4 and there is no rewind option, it is still missing all my saves and acting like I never played this game at all ever, I thought the patch was suppose to resolve this or am I and the others that got "erased" doomed to have to start from square 1 if we ever touch this glitch fest again?
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  • Same situation here. Still have no saves. Hours and hours of gameplay completely gone. And no one has responded to my emails or pleas to the issue. Horrible service. Wow.
  • Is it safe to just say that there is nothing that can be done and just starting a brand new game AGAIN is the only option? I just want a simple yes or no so I don't risk messing something else up!
  • I also would like to know if I am just screwed in regards to my saves as mine are still gone after the patch. I did not delete my saves, the game did. Like others here, a simple answer as to whether it is possible to get them back is all I need (along with how to do it if it is possible). Thanks in advance.
  • Since they're not responding at all to anyone (either via here in the forums, email, or their twitter account) I'm going to assume that we're screwed and the only thing we can do is start a new game.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Unfortunately any saves that were lost are not recoverable. If you have saves on the cloud or if you exited to the XMB when the corruption message first appeared, you can still access your save games. Once the corruption message was confirmed, all saves were removed from the hard drive. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes you.
  • i just wish i COULD plaay it somehow between ep.3 and 4 it erased ep 1 and it wont let me download it without bying it again this is garbage....digitil only content....i think i wont again
  • @5: THIS BLOWS!!! what was surely destined to become a serious GOY contender has now lost any and all credibility. you really expect us to do it all AGAIN!? Seriously?
  • Hi all,

    I have it too. I'm really glad to join your group ! All saves deleted, during one crash that happened in one attempt in the EP4. Lost absolutely all saves I made, all attempts, etc ...
    Not nice.
    I hope you'll do better if there is a season 2.
    If tomorrow my clients loose their saves on one of the program we made for them, and that I told them "sorry, we have a patch but you will have to re-do all your job", believe I won't work for them again in my life.
    You are lucky guys.
  • Hello I have found that a week after completing episode four of the game my brother want's to play. When we go on however all of the save's are gone. Studying this forum I see what could be my problem however I don't remember getting the patch or update do I now honestly have to play the whole game again. Sure I would be all right if it were any other game but it had to be this game I just think this I quite horrible and I wish if something where done further.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    You must be connected to the Playstation network to be prompted for the patch.
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