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Episode 4 Save File Not Working (Xbox 360)

posted by Ronnie_Rawrs on - Viewed by 315 users
So, I just downloaded episode 4 of the game for my Xbox. I opened the game up and when I go to load my progress from episodes 1-3, the game just takes me to episode 1. It doesn't show rewind, nor tell me the stats. It doesn't show it for any of these episodes I've completed. It's very disheartening, and I would like support services to release a patch for the Xbox as soon as possible. I really don't wanna have to replay episodes 1-3 again just to get my decisions right again after putting hours into it. :( Anyone else having this problem?

UPDATE: After toying around with copying the save file from slot 1 to different slots, I loaded slot 1 (which is my main game and only save I had in the first place), and the opening recap displayed all my decisions correctly. I'm not sure if it was a fluke, or what. Hopefully my game plays right. I would still like an answer from support though. It should not be this complicated to get a game to load and remember your progress/decisions.
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