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Favorite Episode Thus Far?

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Multiple choice is enabled, by the way, if you can't pick just one.
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  • Episode 3. All them sad scenes. The game is too emotional and that episode expands the emotional aspect of The Walking Dead.
  • 1 - because I always like the start of a ZA

    4 - because it actually FELT like a ZA game.. not just human drama with zombies in the background.
  • Episode 2 has always been my favorite episode. Everything past Duck and Katjaa's death in episode 3 is great. I won't say I HATE episode 4, it was just my least favorite episode.
  • They really are all great.
    Episode 1 had the best introduction to the series.
    Episode 2 had some amazing action.
    Episode 3 was an emotional roller coaster.
    Episode 4 was over all longer, even more emotionally draining (Chuck :( ), absolutely packed with action - particularly in Crawford's armoury!

    I think I'm going to have to go with Episode 4 :)
  • 3- :(
    4- Shit hit the fan
  • 2, 1 , 4, 3

    All have been atleast very good. (at best- amazing) Heres to hoping 5 is the strongest.
  • They're all great but for me it's:
    Which means I have high hopes for the finale :D
    Don't let me down Telltale.
  • 2 = 4 > 3 > 1

  • In my opinion?

    1) Starved For Help- It was the most solid individual episode. Works as a standalone story almost.

    2) A New Day- Also a great standalone. Probably the strongest episode intro of the series.

    3) Long Road Ahead/Around Every Corner- I can't really decide which is better yet so I will say both are at the bottom. This isn't to say they are bad, but I found problems with both. Long Road Ahead had two huge moments, but it had a weak ending and pacing issues. Around Every Corner had a strong finale but it had plot holes and some weaker moments like the burial. It sounds like I might lean to Around Every Corner being the weakest but since it is newer I will think it over more before making a decision.
  • DreadMagus;698310 said:
    4 - because it actually FELT like a ZA game.. not just human drama with zombies in the background.
    The problem with that comment, however, is that is what TWD is. It has never been about being a zombie game. Zombie action is fun, but the fact it is a human drama with zombies makes it stand out more to me.
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