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Did you show the bite? ***S is for Spoilers***

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I personally am glad they made it a choice because I HATE it when a character hides something like that for no good reason. If movies have taught me anything, this only ends with tragedy. This way, people can choose not only the why but the reasoning why.

I chose to show because other than hating that trope of hiding a fatal wound, I couldn't think of a good reason to lie. My Lee had been totally honest in just about everything, so I figured he should be honest here. It may panic some people for a little, but it could be a lot worse for them to learn later. Plus, it is a good way to genuinely earn sympathy for finding Clem (though Kenny is at first in shocked denial only to then try and say how I've not been there for him).
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  • I've been playing Lee as honest - I showed it without a second thought.
  • Showed it. Honesty is always a good trait to have and doubly so in the ZA, IMO.
  • Showed it. Lee's a dead man anyway, what could they possibly do to him worse than being bitten? Plus, I trusted them to at least let me go look for Clem.
  • I showed the bite because I was honest for the whole game and I didn't want to endanger those around me by not telling them.
  • I hid it only because Clem was gone and I figured I was dead anyway. I planned on telling the group if given the option after rescuing Clem alone. I really didn't want to put anyone in harms way helping me rescue Clem since I'm already bit....that was my logic.

    If I didn't make it clear, I told everyone I'm doing it alone when I hid the bite. If Clem was there with the group I would have came clean then and there.
  • Demonseed;698385 said:
    If Clem was there with the group I would have came clean then and there.
    If Clementine was present at the time, Lee would of found her playing Hide & Seek in the trash instead of finding a walker that suddenly bites you! :p
  • True, very true.....

    For the sake of why I hid the bite that is why I did, if everything played out different and I was still bit and Clem was around, I would have said something.
  • Showed the bite. Figured that the group would all be on my side because of it.
  • I showed it because I been honest to the group
  • I feel kinda bad now for hiding it.

    But I always try to react realistically in the split second, and that was a very shocking event. I guess I did have the chance to tell them afterwords though, but... I dunno, I was scared as to how they'd react.

    I just hope that the creators don't go the obvious route on this one: the group members find out about the bite part-way through and go "oh no, you lied to us!" etc etc. It would be really neat and unusual to have the ability to hide the bite until the very end of the game.
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