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Has anyone managed to kill Molly?

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I've been wondering, I tried to see if I could hit her and not the zombie, and I have, but at the worst, she gets hit, falls down, Lee shoots a few zombies and she manages to fight her way free and is separated. Is there any scenario where she is ACTUALLY dead on screen or is it just speculation? Just curious.
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  • Curious about this myself, but more because if she's unkillable she may be one of our Season 2 people.....
  • DreadMagus;698400 said:
    Curious about this myself, but more because if she's unkillable she may be one of our Season 2 people.....
    Yeah I heard about "her death", because when intentionally trying to shoot her, the best I got was she got separated from the group. If it were most people, I'd say they probably died, however Molly was pretty resourceful, I'd give her a half decent shot of making it.
  • Resourceful?

    She's like a badass ninja :D

    If you can't kill her, I give her a 99% survival chance. :D
  • I've heard some people say that you can actually shoot her yourself... Would that lead to a game failure or will it be canon? If it can actually happen of course...
  • According to the walking dead wiki, it says that she can be left behind, her fate being unknown.

    I didn’t manage to kill her even though I shot the first time without aiming at all. It thought it was automatic, a little bit like the girl that you have the option to shoot or not to shoot in the streets, back in Episode 3.
  • I hear you can shoot her at the school, never done it though.
  • skepticalguy90;698404 said:
    however Molly was pretty resourceful
    She sure is an expert at sleeping with doctors to get medication...

    Plus, all that church bell ringing will be at our advantage! :D
  • It also says that she can only be left behind if Clem is left at home, since she will back you up if she's there.
  • I can confirm that you can shoot her. If you shoot her, she falls on the ground, fights the walkers off and gets separated. I had heard rumors that you could shoot her in the head, but was not able to achieve that. If there isn't anyone who can/if it's not possible to shoot her in the head, I think it's very possible she shows up in episode 5.
  • Someone put video proof please. I'm curious.
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