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(The walking dead) Game save problems for xbox360

posted by An7thony23 on - Viewed by 286 users
Heyy so i love the walking dead game to death and i had no problems at all with it untill like 3 days ago..I don't know what's wrong but Whenever I try picking a different save it just takes me back to save 2..I tried copying my saves and putting them to save 2 but it still didn't work..then I was forced to delete the game and redownload it to see if that worked and it didn't...I lost all 3 of my saves and it still won't let me start another playthrough..I can only do save 2..very disappointed..and my achievements aren't showing up either..I completed episode 4 and got them but they aren't showing says I got 24 out of yeah fix this telltale please...I've allways supported you guys..please don't make me regret that..
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