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  • What about the Black Widow movie?

    Isn't that supposed to be happening during one of these years?
  • Don't think they're doing one now. Which is all manner of stupid.
  • That is all manner of stupid. No Hulk and no Black Widow... world just got a little darker...
  • Bump!

    New casting news for the show. We got these guys:

    That's Elizabeth Henstridge (as science whiz Agent Gemma Simmons) and Ian De Caestecker (as technology guru Agent Leo Fitz), neither of whom I've heard of. They'll be joining Clark Gregg and Ming-Na.

    Oh yeah. Ming-Na's in this thing too. Didn't you know that? Gah, get with the times.
  • TV Tropes forums already got me up to speed with the Ming-Na news.
  • They need to make Planet Hulk then make Avengers 3 adapt World War Hulk.
  • Mmm Ming-Na. As if I needed another reason to watch this show.
  • They need to make Planet Hulk then make Avengers 3 adapt World War Hulk.

    If they're going to adopt any Hulk storyline, I want Visionaries. That one is, in my opinion, the best as far as defining the character of Banner.

    I mean, this is the storyline that features Banner just losing his shit over inconsequential things and Betty kinda realizing that this is not the man she married.

    Like this part:

    Betty: "Bruce, what was that all about? Why are you being like this?"
    Banner: "Because I've decided that I'm tired of the world doing whatever it wants to me and mine. I would think, Betty, that you of all people would appreciate that."
    Betty: "I appreciate that if you don't get a good few hours of sleep, you're going to go crazy!"
    Banner: "Betty... sweetheart... my dearest love... You're talking to a man who presently has three personalities. What makes you think I'm not crazy now?"

    I can totally see Ruffalo doing a scene like this.
  • I just want WWH for an Avengers story because it is a story that has the potential to showcase the Avengers, by the third movie an established, non-volatile team, getting truly and utterly torn apart.

    Hulk wants the men who sent him to space in exile and destroyed the new home he made for himself, and he's angrier and more powerful than he's ever been in his entire life, and the team has to deal with the consequences of their actions and the possible destruction of their friend because of a mistake they made.

    It's not actually the Avengers in the original story, but it would work. Whedon wants a deeply personal story for two, but I don't see how they could adapt this without doing Planet Hulk unless they heavily edit it, so...eh. The main issue is- I don't think you'd see much of Banner in that story.
  • I'd love to see them do some version of Civil War for Avengers 3, but they'd have to start introducing more of the fringe, vigilante heroes first.
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