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The Walking Dead Therapy Group (ep 4 spoilers)

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Ok so I propose the walking dead game could be an amazing tool for psychotherapy. Stick with me, my story gets better. I mean like a kind of zombie infested journey of self-discovery, by simulating the kind of panic that make people find out who they actually are. Since I decided I would play the game just going with whatever decisions I would make, and the game makers (I think) do a pretty good job of getting you hooked into the world and ready to panic when you're supposed to panic, I've been surprised by what I've found out about myself.

I always thought I'd be pretty pragmatic and rational in an apocalyptic scenario, but I've tended to make choices with my heart, and try to save the humanity of the group, even when it's meant I probably put our actual lives in more danger or putting a strain on our resources. Again, suprised I tried to be a 'peacemaker' rather than taking sides to gain favour with more powerful/useful group members. I also learnt I have a kind of internal honour code that led me to probably the stupidest decision so far - to lie to the group about my bite but then insist on searching for Clem alone. In the 'heat of the moment' I was afraid they'd turn on me and imprison/kill me if they knew I was bitten. But I didn't want my lie to put them in danger from me so I wouldn't accept any help. In the cold light of day I'm kicking myself cos I bet if I'd been honest and then asked for their help, some of them woulda come through for me and I'd have a better chance of saving Clem than alone (who'll continue the search if I turn en route?).. So, essentially, I've found out I'm dumber, but nicer, than I would have thought. How about some group therapy, anyone else had any surprising self discoveries lol?
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