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The Splatterhouse thread

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This is for all the games in the series. The original classics to the reboot game that came out in 2010. I will say, I only played the first game once and it was a bit difficult for me to say the least. I heard about the game series getting rebooted, so I decided to check it out on my 360.

Needless to say I dont understand why there are a few people who hate this game. Its funny, its fun, and its very gory(Its a beat em up, so thats to be expected :rolleyes:). This game gets bonus points for Jim Cummings voicing the spirit of the mask in this game. I knew the voice sounded familiar when I heard the mask spirit speak, I love it when voice actors who voice from kids cartoons voicing something for adults. It really breaks the rules for them lol. Its a shame that the game didnt sell well since it did end with an opened ending. I would love to see the sequel to the 2010 game happen.
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