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[PATCHED] TWD - Episode 4 Xbox Issues - UPDATED!

posted by MattP Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 835 users
Hi Everyone,

We are currently receiving reports from users that 2 issues are occurring on Xbox 360 related to Episode 4. These issues are:

* Only 1 save slot is being recognized
* Achievements are not crediting

We are aware of the first issue, which is an Xbox only issue where no matter which save slot is selected, only 1 save will load. We do know that this issue only occurs when Episode 4 is installed, and appears to occur when the last played save file has a completed Episode 3 save. Removing Episode 4 will allow other slots to be accessed, and it's possible that completing (or re-completing) Episode 3 on another slot will allow that slot to be accessed once Episode 4 is re-installed. We are actively trying to track down the cause of this issue, and once we do, we will offer a fix.

We have identified a cause and workaround for this issue. This issue occurs after Episode 4 is installed, only if Episode 4 is played and then the game is not exited through the Main Menu. To avoid experiencing this issue, exit the game by returning to the Main Menu and selecting 'Exit Game'.

For a workaround, see the next post.

For the first few hours that Episode 4 was available, users reported that achievements would pop, but not credit to their Xbox Live profiles. We are trying to find out why this happened, however we have confirmed with Microsoft that achievements have been crediting properly since Wednesday afternoon. For anyone that has an achievement earned that is not crediting to your account, please recover your gamertag from Xbox Live. Some or all Episode 4 achievements will be removed from your account, but will be credited properly once they are earned again.

I apologize for both of these issues, and to anyone effected by either. I hope to have an update for the save slot issue very soon.

Thank you,
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    If you have experienced this issue, here is a workaround.

    1. Load your Episode 4 save game.
    2. Pause the game and exit to the Main Menu
    3. Select the save file you'd like to play and continue gameplay from that slot
    4. When ready to exit the game, Pause the game and return to the Main menu
    5. Select Exit game

    If you experience this issue and the one save that loads is not from Episode 4, starting Episode 4 from that save slot and then following the steps above will resolve your issue.

    Please note: Always exiting the game from the Main Menu (as opposed to using the home button, for instance) will avoid this issue!
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    The Title Update to resolve this issue is now live. The next time the Walking Dead is started while logged into Xbox Live, a message will appear prompting the install of the new Title Update.
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