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[TWD] My saves are all messed up? Whats going on?

posted by soundwave145 on - last edited - Viewed by 253 users
I beat episode 4 a few days ago and decided to pick it up and play it again, I went to the game and my episode 4 save was gone, It was all the way back at episode 1! so I decided to check my other save files, both are episode 3 and finished, so I could replay episode 4, But both the save files (even though they are saved episode 3 files) are all the way back at episode 1, I checked the rewind feature and its all the way at part 1 as well, There is no way in hell that I am replaying the entire season, I am far to busy with work. D: wtf, is this a bug? is there a patch? what am I missing?
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