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Now that I think about it... do you think Kenny will be New Main in S2?

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Most people are saying Lee is going to die because you know, it's not part of the walking dead universe, n what not, Although I do hope that Lee is the main character in Season 2, but who knows though.

Telltale is either going to pull an Ace out of their sleeves and pull out the unpredictable, like what they did in EP4 and poked my heart with a tiny little fork.

Kenny lost his whole family, everything and losing Lee, he might take on the responsibility that he had and take care of Clementine instead.
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  • No we need someone that we know nothing about so we can flesh out there personality kind of like lee plus a majority of players hate kenny so no
  • I want Yes, I think No. I think it would be really cool playing as Kenny since he and Clem (considering Lee won't survive) could be seen as the main characters of season 1. Something happens to Kenny in the next episode that makes him want to be a better man and tries really hard to be like Lee and support the group before himself. Season Two Kenny can change in personality kinda like Lee can, but for Kenny it's either he is dedicated to being a better man (Like Nice Lee), or he just keeps falling into old habits (Selfish survivor). It's up to us to finish Kenny's story.
  • Yes that would be great, I'd like to have Kenny as the Main Character as well because he is my favourite charakter after Lee and he said Lee and Clem are like family for him so it would be just logical if he cares for Clementine after Lees dead.
  • No, too much back story with Kenny. That's why TellTale created Lee. They wanted a character with no history so you can create it.

    Christa makes more sense. She cares about Clem and very little is known about her.
  • I would not Mind Kenny as the Main Character in Season 2 that if Lee dies which I think might happen since he is bit in EP4.
  • I wouldn't mind it at all if it happens, but I just can't see it happening.
  • I dont want to spend another season with Kenny. Im ready to try a new group of characters.
  • Molly might make sense. And she is a freaking assassin. So there's that.
  • skepticalguy90;699926 said:
    Molly might make sense. And she is a freaking assassin. So there's that.
    Molly is dead in a few playthroughs.

    It's the same reason it couldn't be Ben, even though it'd make perfect sense for him to take the torch.
  • We already know too much about Kenny for him to be a good player character. Since Lee is going to die and Kenny would be a terrible choice, it'll be a new character.
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