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Boldest inferences about EP 5

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1. Who is the sneaky guy around every corner?It can’t be hershel cause the black man runs so fast whereas hershel is an old guy.In a zombie-surrounded world,who has the leisure of kidnapping,what’s his purpose of all these?This guy began to contact Lee at the end of EP 3, by asking clementine who this is we know that it seems that she knows him,and shows no fear about him,but she don’t want to leak more information,weird enough!
I think it can be his father,why?A woman in EP 3 always records clementine in some covered places,and she even stole her sports hat,all of which are enough to prove that the woman is her mother,but unfortunately she was killed by a man who eats human meat.However,not everything becomes clear in that episode,why her mother don’t directly show up in front of her now that she is so care about her girl?I feel the reason for this can be perfectly used to explain her father’s odd actions in EP 4.What’s more,clementine has said before that her walkie-talkie is designed for contacting her parents,this adds evidence that the man must be a member of her family,at here,it can be her father.

2, Another question,why the doctor in EP 4 disappeared with clementine at the same time?At first,this makes Lee think that it is the doctor who kidnaps her girl,but it turns out he is wrong,however,this can’t make sure that the doctor and the unknown man haven’t had any connections,especially he moves to another place after the disappearing of clementine,so the crew of Lee’s can’t make any further investigation.

3, What’s the fate of Lee?this is the most concerning question of all players,I think he will turn into zombie nonetheless if he was really scratched by a walker,but because that's a little scratch,as a result,it provides more time for him to search for Clem.

4. What's the fate of Kenny?secondary concern,he lost his family and he likes Clem,so it's reasonable to infer that he may be eaten by walkers while trying to save Clem in an urgent situation

5. What about Omid and Christa,Christa is pregnant for sure,but she will lose her baby in ep5,so to adopt Clem is their only choice,cause Lee has died,it adds the possibility.

6. Ben is indeed a useless guy,but he promises that he will do everything he can do to protect Clem,so I choose him to keep alive

7. Molly will come back at some point of this episode
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  • Or Lee turns and the last five minutes are like the opening of Halloween, POV and you eat all of them. :D
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    That would be crazy !!From the perspective of the game,I don't care if other people will be eaten at last,I just hope everything about clementine is okay.
  • I am almost certain there will be multiple endings and at least one of them will have her be send of alive and with some "hope" as far as it works in a zombie apocalyptic world.
  • If you know the Walking Dead, you would know this won't end well. There may be a sliver of hope somewhere but it will most likely have a bleak conclusion.
  • With the ending of Episode 4 you already know it won´t end well. It dos what the comic never did. But thats a bit to simple. The Walking Dead (The Comic) also always was planed/is supposed to work as an ongoing Series doing what movies could not do. Either you actually end it by killing everyone or you set up something for the next Season.

    You might see Omid and his Girl again, the story implies she is Pregnant (or lost a baby) so they might take care of clem/have her go through pregnancy in Season 2.

    The city will be overrun by more Zombies we have ever seen. The herd in Episode 3 and The comment by the doctor in Episode 4 implies that every zombie on their 200 mile trip might have been following the noise. I think that is why they left. Now idea why they did without telling.
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    Yeah,I think you guys' assertions are somewhat cruel but it may be true in the story,it seems the nightmare of zombies will never end.But let's guess something that is closer to us.
    1. who kidnapped Clem

    2. will Lee turn into a zombie?

    3. can they finally find Clem in episode 5

    4. will Lilly and Glenn return
  • "finally find" sounds like they have been searing for more than a minute... of cause they will find her.

    I doubt we will see cameos from the comic. The game stands on it´s own now. No glen, no Rick no one else. And to be honst thats a good thing.
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    what do you think I'm thinking,glenn has appeared in this game before
  • And why would he be in this city over six month after he took of? By now he is already with ricks group for a while and they went in a different direction/are in the prison.
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