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Did anyone notice the 'Mercy' achievement?

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Before taking a quick look at No Time left's achievements, I thought to myself 'Maybe if I could get a hint of what might go on', so I did, by looking at the order of the achievements, I saw 'The Marsh House' then said to myself "This is probably where the fate of Clementine's parents is revealed".

Then further looking on to see the 'Mercy' achievement, personally, I think there's going to be an option to kill or spare the kidnapper's life.

What do you guys think?
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  • A part of me wishes the ps3 trophies weren't posted until after the episodes were released. The names and icons of each of them have me in fear for what may happen.

    We already know that some of the group are going to's just a matter of who, and how.

    I think the Mercy trophy refers to someone getting bitten and wanting to take themselves out/have someone kill them, or charge into the walkers(having already been bitten), ready to die while holding them off for the rest of the group.

    Perhaps it refers to Kenny wanting to end his life after all the misery and tragedy he's suffered.
  • The way T-dog died and was eaten was absolutely the same as Chuck in ep.4
  • YamiRaziel wrote: »
    The way T-dog died and was eaten was absolutely the same as Chuck in ep.4

    Except you know.....Chuck killed himself before he got eaten his death wasn't as painful.
  • Mercy achievement could be you begging the walkie talkie man for Mercy

    What is in the bag is probably when Lee turns and bites Walkie talkie man
  • I guess the truth is being censored on this thread .
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