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Please give a THUMBS DOWN if you can´t download episode 4 via the "GET" button

posted by Mr.Andersson on - last edited - Viewed by 331 users
Please just give this post a nod, or a thumbs down if you can´t download episode 4 from within the game, you know by clicking the "GET" button (please if you have other problems create another post).
The idea is to give the Telltale team a picture of just how many that are actually not able to play the episode using the "GET" button, since it according to Telltale only consists of a small number of players.

I for one am not able to download it, eventhough the first 3 chapters went smooth, so THUMBS DOWN!
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Believe me, Telltale hears you loud and clear and is working to get a solution out as soon as possible! The official statement here will be updated as soon as the fix is available.

    If you're game to try an unofficial workaround in the meantime, instructions are posted here, but please bear in mind that method isn't Telltale-tested.

    Thanks for your patience while Telltale are working to resolve this issue and help everyone enjoy the series!
  • I have the same problem. I've tried multiple times to download episode 4 on different days.

    I also had the problem with episode 1's decisions not transferring to episode 2. Althogh it gave me an excuse to play it again it was still inconvenient.

    These issues have soured me a little on Telltale and I'm not sure whether I'll be buying anything else.
  • Good initiative Mr Andersson. It would be interesting to see how many of us there still are. I count three with my self in this thread who cannot download ep4 but had no problems with ep1-3. I tried it just now. I use win7 64 bit.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    The official patch for the disconnection issue is out now. Restarting the game will download and install it automatically. Afterwards you should be able to download the episodes.
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