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Walking Dead Ep 4 - Can't Download

posted by TheDON3k on - last edited - Viewed by 609 users
When I click the GET button, I'm immediately told that there's no connection and to try again.

However, I do have a connection, as I can browse the web, open STEAM and see my games there, some of which will auto-update, etc.

I'm posting this from the same PC, so clearly a connection isn't the issue.

I've been trying now for several days, but still the same message appears.

I also redownloaded the game client, but even after a reinstall, I get the same message.

Any clue?

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  • Yeah yeah, I personally believe that it's just a server overload (like most people there wasn't a change from downloading the last episodes). That or validation problems. I guess we just wait like we did for each episode, I'm in midterm season anyways.
  • I am having the same problem. Somehow I found the Telltale Support sight and told them my problem and got no help.
    I want this to be fixed now...not next month or year OR give me a refund for the game.

    It looks like there are many other people with the same problem.
  • Same problem here. Try to download Ep4 since days with no success. Could be a good idea when Telltale Games find a way to download the episode via Browser or something like that. It´s really frustrating.
  • Same problem. Glad Im not alone. I hope they fix it soon, its getting harder and harder to just not watch one of those lets play videos for it. This is really frustrating, to pre order something and have the rest of the world playing it and you cant.
  • I had the exact same issue. What I did to work around the issue and play the game is posted here:

    It really sucks to have to back-door the installer to play the game, but it was worth it. The game is great. They need to fix the installer, and their support...
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    DjNDB Moderator
    dankirk;701061 said:
    I had the exact same issue. What I did to work around the issue and play the game is posted here:
    TTG is working on a patch.
    Meanwhile, here is a much easier workaround.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    The official patch for the disconnection issue is out now. Restarting the game will download and install it automatically. Afterwards you should be able to download the episodes.
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