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What portable music playing device do you use?

posted by Chyron8472 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
As the title says, what device do you use to listen to music while on the go?

When listening to music in your car, do you connect an external device through your car speakers via bluetooth/cassette tape/fm transmitter?

I'm also thinking of perhaps buying an (affordable) mp3 player for my wife's brother for Christmas or his birthday. Do you like yours enough to recommend it to someone else?
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    Sansa Clip Zip

    If you just want a small MP3 player with expandable memory, support for lots of audio formats, and good sound quality, I think this player is a good choice. I've been using Sansa Clips for years, and I love them.
  • the Sansa's eternal media refresh isn't an issue for you?
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    Chyron8472 wrote: »
    the Sansa's eternal media refresh isn't an issue for you?

    It's never really bothered me. It just takes a few seconds and it only happens if I add new stuff to it, which I don't do very often.
  • Sony Walkman 16GB. I was very anti-iPod at the time because I thought it couldn't play WAVs and you had to buy all music through iTunes to get it on your device. I may get one down the road. We'll see. My Walkman is serving me well, though. I don't like how you NEED iTunes to get anything on an iDevice, however. The nice thing about the Walkman is it's just a USB flash device. I can even store files on it that it won't recognize.


    It is limited. Like, you can't delete/rename/copy/move files, or create playlists, or anything unless you connect it to a computer. When it says "player" it really means player. That's all it does. But otherwise, it has served me well. Also has a radio tuner which is nice and plays some video files. AVI and WMV. It auto-converts for you as well which is nice.

    I used to use my DSphat back in the day with an R4DS microSD card reader. But since the size was limited to 2GB and the max sampling rate output was something like 32Khz or something it wasn't ideal. Also it was huge to carry around in your pocket.
  • 60 GB 5th gen iPod Classic (a.k.a. "iPod with video"). I got it as my high school graduation present in 2006 and it's served me well ever since.
  • I use a 4th gen 32 GB iPod touch. Love the looks of the 5th gen iPods, though.
  • My iPhone, or my iPad.
  • 3rd Gen iPod Touch. Screen is cracked but it still works perfectly fine.

    EDIT: 64Gb
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    This one:

    Attachment not found.

    4th generation iPod nano, 16 GB, with Bose earphones that were a corporate Christmas gift last year.
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