TTG really messed up the Kenny/Lee dynamic



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    Another thing that pissed me off was that I put Clementine's trust into Kenny (saying he should watch after her) and that I didn't shoot the poor tortured girl for him yet he still betrayed me. I still want Kenny to be alive, but I was really disappointed in how little he took consideration on whether or not he should help find Clementine. However, with a lot of thought, I realized he went through a lot and became a changed man and in the end it wasn't really him but instead his anger that no one else could stop his own familie's death which led him to refusing to help find Clementine.
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    Kenny just turns bitter and pretty much forget what you have done for him and his family right after the Larry's situation. He'll just abandon your ass after all you've done for his son. Even after him saying that he's a Christian and is a family man, and will only go with you if you tell him Clementine is your family.. He should already know that, he's just full of excuses =.=
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    Mornai wrote: » at Doug sleeping on the couch. Second, I'm fairly certain the RV was moved elsewhere from its position in that screenshot during episode 3, for what that's worth. It was more in the center of the Inn.

    yeah i know the RV moved but it still doesn't change anything
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    But this goes back to one my earlier points several posts ago: people still need to pop their heads up. The bandits don't just materialize in a weapons ready position even if they did sneak up. They still have to move their heads up first putting them in line of sight of Ben. An like I said, the human eye is naturally attracted to movement, especially when there isn't much movement the other side of the wall. It's more than enough time for Ben to yell out a single word of warning to the group.

    obviously they don't materialise out of nowhere, but a few bandit suddenly popping their heads over the wall with guns ready meant they had already lost and fighting or shouting wouldn't have helped, they could have just shot someone for Ben shouting out a warning
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    I concur on this, I've helped Kenny in every possible situation with the one exception of helping him kill Larry. I don't think Kenny has really been keeping "score", so would be nice to get a ballsy proper manly response from Lee for once and tell Kenny in quite some detail on exactly how stupid Kenny really is and for that matter ignorant.

    I like Kenny, really do, and was quite surprised on his reaction about not helping me to find Clem. The narrative always seems that Kenny is the sort of man that holds a very strong grudge against you unless you agree with him. There hasn't been a satisfying response from Lee yet regarding Kenny's so called scorecard...

    Agreed completely with this (apologies if bumping an old thread like this is frowned upon here). I think Kenny was a great character but man, what a pussy. I had his back time and time again, sided with him against Larry and his daughter, helped him put out his son, talked him into helping his son, and was his bro. Yet if you don't help him do that one thing, if you don't help him kill Larry, he not only acts like an ass in the supermarket but when you need him to finally help you out, when you need him the most he drags his feet and acts like he's doing you this huge undeserved favor.

    I so, so badly want to pick the "fuck you, Kenny" option every time I get to that part and he acts like this. They should've had a counter or something for every time you side with Kenny instead of putting it all on that one choice: it sort of makes the rest of your decisions feel insignificant.
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    the way i saw it was that kenny is in a bad mood (understandably) and just gives a snarky comment, more a joke than an actual statement on how he believes the world works

    when you think about it kind of is how the world works. Saving someones life in the late ZA is sort of a part time favor now XD
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    I actually agree. And it can get even worse. In one of my playthroughs I sided with him in almost every chance I got. I defended them in the drug store, fed his family, looked after Duck when he got bitten, agreed with him whenever there was an argument. Even aided killing Larry. The only times I didn't take his side where at the farm when I chose to help Shawn instead of Duck (though I did defend Kenny from Hershel's accusations). The other thing I can think of was the fact that I didn't tell him about my past. That was because I saved Doug and never got prompted to tell about it. I also didn't drop Ben but I had previously agreed with Kenny about "beating Ben's skinny ass later".

    After all this Kenny went on his way to hesitate about saving Clem and said how there was "plenty of times" when I didn't have his back. I was like, dude WTF? If it was about not choosing to save Duck, we hardly even knew each other then and that Shaw kid most likely saved my life so I think at that point I owed him more. Also, why can't I use the same "excuse" Kenny does and tell I too panicked? If it was about Ben... you can't seriously expect Lee to want to take that responsibility and downright kill the kid. Besides he got my blessing to deal with Ben later. At this moment I was really pissed and almost told Kenny to go f*** himself.

    I also once choose not to do anything with the Larry situation and Kenny still acts like I sided with Lily while I, in fact, just stood there not knowing what to do. It feels pretty unreasonable for him to act that hostile towards Lee when Lee didn't actually oppose him and had backed him up in every previous situation. Why focus so much on this decision and forget about all the others?

    I really like Kenny as a character, in fact he's one of my favorites, but man, can he be infuriating. I think I have kind of a love-hate relationship with him. I know he's supposed to be selfish and flawed character and I like it that he's flawed but this whole thing sometimes seems to lack logic and reason. It borderline jabbed my suspension of disbelief. Especially because I couldn't confront him about it. I could understand that after losing his family, he had this lapse and became a "stranger" but the fact that I can't say a damn thing about it and try to knock some sense into him makes it really frustrating.
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    At least Ben's rational. I threatened to kill him, and bitched him out multiple times, yet he still wanted to come, because I also was nice to him.
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