Awesome Rollercoaster Ep 4

edited October 2012 in The Walking Dead
Wow, every episode is topping the last one. This one was so meaty I couldnt finish it one sit down. Raw playthrough:

*Ben- I was polishing my shotgun as Ben gets his legs broken and eaten alive. Im not one for thanking game companies too much but THANK YOU TTG for having Ben admit in his own words how he was to blame for the bandit raid, the deaths of everyone in Ep3 and that he is just useless in the broadest sense of the word. His 'whatever' attitude and releasing the zombies on us was just icing on the cake for me.

*Chuck! Sorry man, you were cool and I didnt even realize that was you until they were all off your body. Hell, so much was going on I'd forgotten about the split earlier.

*Clem- this one shocked me. I told Vernon to eff off, even though Im constantly complaining about her, I wasnt about to abandon her to some strangers. And her killin walkers?! Awesome!

*Lee- $**t!!- I totally didnt see that one coming. Funny how we've been prediciting this stuff for months but when I saw the actual bite I was kinda frozen for a few minutes, had to esc out and really take that in.

I cant even imagine how they could top this episode, there were actual surprises in every chapter. The first episode I couldnt easily sum up immediately after I finished playing it


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