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saving Christa and Vernon

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when i first came round the corner and saw the zombies outside the room Christa and Vernon were supposed to be in i must have spent (what felt like) a few minutes popping my head up and down from the cover deciding what to do.

I actually thought i could have ran away and got Kenny and everybody to come with me laving Christa and Vernon to die and maybe so would Omid, but luckily there were 6 zombies (i think) and i guessed i would have at least 6 bullets so i psyched myself up for perfect head shot necessity (else i may run also) and succeeded, but the next time i played i found out i couldn't run away and it wasn't as crucial as i thought.

what did you guys think about that part? and have you ever thought something in the game was going to be really important or bad if done a certain way but it turned out totally different than you thought?
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