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Season Pass Gone After Episode Three

posted by ShySnarfSnarf on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
The Playstation Store recognizes that I have it, but when I go onto the game, my saves are gone and it's asking me to purchase the games. When trying to play episode one, it acts like a demo and skips over the first part of the episode. Help would be very appreciated at this point. :( :confused:
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please make sure you have downloaded and installed the Episode 1 key.
  • im havin the same issue i have ps plus and got ep 1 and 2 for free...loved the game so i bought the season pass ep.3 went off without a hitch untile ep.4 now my game is a demo and my download history shows i downloaded ep.2,3,4 and the store shows that they are free but the ps store wont let me downlaod ep 1 without paying 4.95 ...even in game i go tounlock episode 1 and it brings me to get episode 1 and to the store to by the pass that i already bought ...:confused:
  • I have the same issue like the others. Till episode 3 everything was okay. After I download 4th episode I am unavailable to play the all episodes. I tried to reinstall the game and than I saw, that the first activation file is missing from the PSN history. For first time I see something to disappear from there ...

    1) No activation file from the season pass.
    2) No activation file from plus.

    Here is picture of the main menu in game.
  • I actually have the same problem, only difference is I bought episodes 3 and 4 individually instead of buying the Season Pass.
  • Bump!

    I see a lot of people with this problem. We haven't activation key after we have bought season pass... Can someone assist us with new activation file?
    We don't spent our money for one theme :confused:
  • Maybe try going into your download history and redownload the Episode 1 Key? That worked for me (though I had to rebuy episode 1 because I didn't get the Season Pass like most of you).

    I don't know for sure, obviously, but I feel like most of these problems are because people bought this with PS+, then when it expired, the unlock key was automatically erased and the game was changed to a demo.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    As mentioned above, if you sampled Episode 1 and 2 while a Playstation Plus member and then let your Plus status expire, you will no longer have access to episodes 1 and 2. Since Episode 1 is needed to play all other Episodes, you will either need to re-purchase Episode 1, or purchase the Season Pass.

    If you have purchased the Season pass, but do not have access to the Episode 1 unlock key, please contact Sony Support as these files are all managed by them on their system.
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