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Can't Play CSI Hard Evidence

posted by Ginger on - last edited - Viewed by 2.7K users
System is 2.0 Core Duo, NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS, 1GB RAM, 512 MB, Windows XP Pro SP2, Direct X 4.09.0000.0904.

CSI Hard Evidence installed ok but upon clicking on Play the game crashes. I do not see the CSI menu and it does not give any error messages. I only have a completely black screen with a white cursor. Any thoughts!!
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  • have you tried the other threads on this topic? I has great suggestions!
    start with running csi4.exe and not using the original shortcut and if that doesnt work try updating gforce drivers
  • I had something like this very simular to mine. This solved it:
    Will;43509 said:
    Also, try moving or renaming UM.dll. That should be an extra stopgap to stop the updater, just in case.
    Should that fail then try launching the game directly from CSI4.exe in the games installer directory (don't close the directory window.)
  • try this. it worked for me! go into the csi hard evidence folder. there is a file called um.dll or something. Rename it to UM. Oh and disconnent your computer from the internet while playing the game.
  • ha ha ha ha, you have an good pc, maybe this game is not advanced enough for the duo cores
  • ha ha ha ha, you have an good pc, maybe this game is not advanced enough for the duo cores
    Uncalled for (and also untrue). Stop trolling, please.

    Ginger, let us know if the UM.dll suggestion fixes it for you.
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    At last! Had enourmous problems witht he last game on both our computers - it would not play with latest drivers. One of out computers is very good and very new and it wouldn't work. Only worked months later and for no known reason.

    Same issues with this game on both computers. The UM fix did fix it - amazing. Wish i knew why it worked tho - cheers
  • I have been trying all day to install csi hard evidence. I cant find the install button on my start menu. I have a windows xp. Can someone please help me.
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    When you insert the disk on your computer, does a CSI window show up after a few moments? If not, try doing this:

    Start -> My Computer -> Then double-click on the DVD drive that contains the CSI disk. That should get you started.
  • A csi window does not open up. I did what you told me to do. I double clicked on the dvd drive and nothing happened. It was blank.
  • Have you tried inserting any other disc into the drive and see if they work? The reader on it might've failed.
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