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I Blame Kat,

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If she didnt kill herself she would of been there to stop.Clem running off and Lee getting bit.
Look at Kenny he is trying. Clem. Everyone has baggage but she selfishly killed herself destroying Kennys last bit of humanity and dooming Lee.
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  • I love all the sarcastic posts, haha.

    It's kind of absurd to go back to when Kat offed herself to blame her for everything. Kaatja is not perfect and she has her flaws she does not want to live in this cruel zombie world. This is like going back and blaming Lee for even existing, it's absurd. There are circumstances, especially in a zombie apocalypse, and that's what makes it so interesting.
  • Honestly, I could never criticize anybody who decides to off themselves in a ZA, especially one as bad as TWD.
  • It's Lee's Momma's fault for giving birth.
  • Kat was a really nice person. She was cool in every situation.
  • I blame the invention of gaming.
  • Kat couldn't afford seeing her child die...She couldn't and can NEVER be blamed for that and you all know that :(
  • I blame TTG. They wrote the characters, they killed them off.
  • Katjaa couldn't deal with her only son dying... I wouldn't really call that being selfish.
  • CarScar;778877 said:
    Katjaa couldn't deal with her only son dying... I wouldn't really call that being selfish.
    I would. She is married to Kenny, she knows him better than anyone and knows that he can't handle losing both her and Duck, yet she still forces him to suffer through it.

    Family is the only thing that ever mattered to Kenny and Katjaa knew that. She takes away the only thing he lived for.

    I suppose i can understand not wanting to struggle anymore, but don't do it when people - your family - are depending on you, especially when you are the only thing that keeps them going.

    I'm with Kenny, i forgive her but it doesn't make it any less wrong.
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