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What is the Walkie Talkie Guy....

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Okay at the end of Episode 4 when the Walkie Talkie guy is talking to Lee and you are given the different options on what to choose...what if you choose the What do you want option and he asks you to kill one of the members of the group to really prove that you wanna save Clem. What if he makes you kill Kenny, Christa, Omid, or Ben (if he is still alive in your playthrough) just to show him you really want Clem back. Just a thought on some possible options that could come about from the Telltale crew for Episode 5. What option did you choose...I'm gonna fu**in kill you, What do you want, or please don't hurt her?? I choose the what do you want and that is the main reason I created this thread because this could maybe be an option that the walkie talkie guy might want you to do to show him that you mean business and want Clem back safe and sound. I look forward to seeing some responses on what you guys think!
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