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*SPOILERS* Did you drop Ben?

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Any if so, why?

I dropped Ben - not only had he inadvertantly caused the deaths of 4 people (Carley, Duck, Katjaa & Brie) but he'd also had put Clementine in danger a few times (like when he abandoned her at the beginning of Ep. 4) and made dumb decisions. He'd had so many chances and I thought he was a liability.

Anyway, would be interested to hear your two cents :D
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  • If I'm honest, despite being best buds with Kenny in the game I didn't drop him, I feel sorry for Ben if he's honest and even though he's made his mistakes I think he will really make up for them in episode 5- or at least I hope such an outcome happens, I think if people in the group had more confidence in him and didn't give him all the minor jobs he wouldn't screw up, so I pulled him up. I think he can prove himself some way or another and I'm glad he came along with me in the end.
  • I didn't drop Ben. He's cool.
  • Like I said in some other posts, if there was a way just to tell him to leave I would but the game didn't let me, and after everyone almost died at Crawford thanks to Disaster Ben, it was time to let him go, for the future safety of the group and my sanity. Seriously, when the group is talking about going to Crawford, I was looking for options to leave him behind because I knew he'd find a way to screw it up, but nope, he had to come and screw things up.
  • I only blame him for the death of Brie and Duck, so I saved him, he never had the intention to kill anyone.
  • Surprisignly in the end i couldn't do it,i pulled him up. I hope that he will prove that i made the right decision when he and Kenny join me in trying to save Clementine.
  • This is an interesting poll. It's not like we can see who dropped him at the end of the episode.

    This thread is as awesome as this one:

    And this one:
  • I think you forgot Chuck. I didn't drop him because he didn't want to hurt people and he was remorseful for the things that happened. I don't believe Ben wanted to die but he'd convinced himself he should die as punishment.
    I saved him but I also told him to stay in the house at the end.
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