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Lee doing it on his own?

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Hey,I was wondering if at the end of episode 4 after showing your bite to the group is there a way to get just Ben and Kenny to join you and have Christa and Omid go on the boat? Thanks.
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  • From what I've heard, the only way to not get Christa and Omid to come with you is if you conceal the bite from the group. I can't confirm that because I showed it though.
  • I think you have to either be mean to them, or tell them not to go with you (If there is an option).
  • If you conceal the bite then Christa and Omid stays behind if you haven't been nice to them. Kenny initially makes his decision based on how often you sided with him, I think Larry is still a big factor, but if you tell him that Clem's the only family you have, he'll go with you if you've been nice to Kat and Duck...I tried saving Shawn over Duck and he still came. From what I've read, Ben will go with you if you tell him Clem vouched for him, though I'm not sure if that means Clem has to go to Crawford with you or not so she can vote to keep Ben in the group, afterwards you'll need to tell Ken to deal with it when he threatens to stay behind and then he'll still go with you though I'm not sure if the chance is 100%. Fair warning regarding Christa and Omid, if you really don't want them to come with you then you can't show the bite since showing the bite is a huge factor in their decision, I think it might still be possible to leave them behind if you've been a real jerk to them, but I'm not sure.
  • Thanks for your answers
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