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Installation problem

posted by Gastiflex on - last edited - Viewed by 345 users
I've juste bought the DVD version of Sam & Max Season 1 in french and I have an installation problem. The installation fails while writing SamMax104_french.ttarch (writing error). I've tried several times, on several hard disks and I have the same error each time. I've tried to install it in english, and the errors occurs on the SamMax104_english.ttarch file.

Thank you
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  • Take a look at the surface of the disc - any scratches? Try cleaning off the disc with a cotton cloth.

    If that doesn't help, then it sounds like a problem with the disc. You should exchange it to the store where you bought it for a new one.
  • Another thing you can attempt is to copy all of the data from the disk onto your computer, and then try installing from the files on your hard drive.
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    Do you have enough disk space on your temp drive (usually "C:")?
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