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Shipping is kinda late

posted by glenfx on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
I made a purchase on "August 16, 2007", its going to be two months in a couple of days, so im a bit worried.
I've read the forums and it appears to be a common problem, i know its not Telltale's fault though, but i would like to know if there was some sort of problem with my order.

Also wanted to know if you guys shipp in big boxes since that might call customs attention in my country and that might be the source of the delay, though shipping has never taken about two months including cutoms holding the packages.

Should i contact someone directly about it to know if the package arrived to my country?

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  • Please email [email][/email] with your order number. We can't track international purchases, unfortunately, but at this point it's probably safe to assume it's not going to make it to you, and we'll send a replacement.
  • You guys REALLY need a better service.
  • Hi Emily, I just sent the email to support with the order info.

    After looking at the forums and living first hand the shipping situation, I am really worried about you guys at telltale. As a customer/fan point of view, it seems you’re loosing money apparently because of the bad management of the shipping services.

    Just wanted to know if you guys where alright and this is just but a small annoyance.

    I really fell bad about you having to send all these replacements.
  • Thanks for asking, but you guys don't need to worry about us or feel bad. Making sure our customers get taken care of comes with the territory. (At least, it does when you care about your customer's experience, which we definitely do!)

    We are very aware of the recent shipping problems (believe me, I have to deal with them every day!) and are actively working on ways to make them better. Chances are any problem you've noticed is something we're already painfully aware of and are already trying to fix. Which doesn't mean you shouldn't mention it, but don't worry about it. A few reships aren't going to put us out of business. ;)
  • Ok, im glad to hear it ^^.

    Hey Emily, I received the email.. but didn’t know if i could/should reply to it since it seems to be a tracking email?.
    Anyway, i will see if this week the package arrives, (ill be asking in the post office almost daily), I don’t know if we could wait until the end of the month to see what happens (maybe miracles happen :D)

    If i receive it ill let you know as soon as i can, If nothing then i do appreciate the replacement :B

  • It's fine to reply to support emails. The [email][/email] (or whatever it looks like in the to: field) is just so your response will be tacked onto the same support ticket. Makes it easier for us to keep track of support mail.

    If you get the package before I send the replacement definitely send an email to let me know, because I'll miss it here.
  • Hey... well to tell you the truth, I didnt received neither package, but i thought I shoudnt bother you guys with it since its not your fault.

    But TODAY my package arrived :rolleyes:, i will pick it up on saturday (its in my mom's house).

    But i wanted to let you know about it.

    BTW Happy new year :D:p
  • Yeesh! I wish that package could talk so it would tell us where it's been all this time!

    I'm glad it finally got there. :D
  • I picked up the package today, i was at the expectative to which one did i receive, (if it was the original order then that would mean my country’s postal services became crappy all of the sudden :P) but it turned out to be the replacement, it took exactly two months to arrive which is about right. So the original package was completely lost in the mail or stolen.

    I have a question now, I got happy about my package arriving that I made a purchase of all three Bone Books, but did you guys at telltale fixed the problems you had with the shipping company?, it would totally suck if we would have to go trough all this trouble again.
  • it took exactly two months to arrive which is about right
    Is it normal for mail to take two months to reach you? It sometimes does take this long when packages are sent from our warehouse (I still don't understand why that is), but when we send replacements we send them through our local post office and shipping is quite a bit faster. I'm pretty surprised it took this long for the second package to get to you.

    We have not made any changes to our fulfillment house yet, but since it took two months for the replacement package to reach you I'm not sure it would make a difference. :(
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