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Hero-U - from the makers of Quest for Glory

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Exactly what it says on the tin. Cory and Lori Cole, the creators of Quest for Glory, are making a new game series,

You may now squee.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    One of the first updates also has disheartening information. As a "supporter testimonial", they're quoting a post from the adventuregamers forums which states things in a way that they feel they "couldn't have said it better themselves":
    Also, for me, the major strengths of both the QFG franchise and the Hero-U “battle plans” are that the emphases are on plot and story immersion, and the Coles’ mantra, FUN, not HD graphics or pretty shiny things or what have you. (Incidentally, if people are worried about art, Eriq Chang has things in pretty good order. Google or Facebook search him and you’ll be a lot less concerned.)
    Now, I really did my best, but the brunt of what I could find was a client list and half-naked pictures of the artist in bed (I kid you not). If someone could guide me towards some ambitious work demonstration, because whatever Spikey here found to be in "good order", I couldn't find it.
    I think we need to remember the story focus and not get distracted with art. Let’s face it, that’s not the purpose of the project, as Corey said yesterday, buy the multi-million games like CoD if you want film-budget artwork.
    I am sick of the idea that video gamers should "not get distracted with art". Video games are ALL about art in one way or another. If deplorable graphic art can be made up with excellent gameplay and story, I'm honestly the first to buy. These are art forms themselves for sure. Spikey is correct to assume that movies have excellent graphic artwork because they are multi million dollar productions, but he grossly exaggerates the matter in an attempt to silence the critics altogether.

    No one expects high res, mega defined, ultra detailed, massively time consuming graphics here. Just a bit of effort, an acknowledgement of art more than art itself. A distinct style, thorough reference research, inexhaustible inventiveness and a bold approach to one's work are not particularly tied to the budget*. If the final game looks like every other fan made game (or worse: just like games looked 25 years ago), budgeting has gone awry; and I'm also afraid that in this case, there has been no "artist" on the team.

    *missing from this spontaneous enumeration of the artist's virtues is 'inspiration'; I try to be careful with the word as one of my favorite artists, Shaun Tan mostly renounces it
  • Hey Mr. Chang did the promo Poster for the QfG2 Remake.

    On the Art: It depends on the game. I like the clean design of P0rtal a lot mire than the a lot more detailed design of P0rtal 2.
    But then again: if you go for 2D you might as well produce amazing art because nothing is really stopping you from that.
  • Lots of varied impressions for this game on the web.
  • The Coles will be hosting a “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit today, October 31st at 3pm PDT/6pm EDT:

    A great opportunity to ask away about the Quest for Glory series, Dr. Brain, Mixed up Fairy Tales, their time at Sierra, the School for Heroes site and of course their latest venture on Kickstarter: Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Even after the Q&A, the kickstarter is not doing so well. It's behind schedule so to speak. However, late surges have occurred REAL often in game kickstarter history, so no need to panic yet. ;)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Reaching it a bit late. I want in via PayPal, guys! ;)

    As for the art style - it looks sufficient now. Not more, but absolutely sufficient. As much as I despise every other kickstarter trying to conjure up an "old school" feeling, I think I really WANT a Final Fantasy-style RPG/ dungeon crawler again, with halfway high resolution and these elementary mechanics.

    I've played the GameBoy Final Fantasy Legend/Saga games TO DEATH.

    Hope the new video gets them the push they need!
  • Vainamoinen;717145 said:
    Reaching it a bit late. I want in via PayPal, guys! ;)
    I think they will not make it. When this whole thing started they would have gotten so much money but it seems the mindset of the kickstarter users changed.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    No need to despair yet. They're at half point with 12 days to go, while most failing kickstarters (97%) never ever reach that stage:

    What they need in the next 10 days is not 200,000$.
    140,000 is probably enough for the late surge to take them over the top. Yup, backers are that mean.
  • I was pretty happy to see the updated pitch video :)
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