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I ordered a signed Sam and Max poster in the beginning of September. I waited a few weeks and it didn't come. I recieved a confirmation on September 22nd that it was shipped. I waited a couple more weeks and decided to check the tracking number. The tracking number pulled up info saying that the order was processed on October 9th in Saint Paul, MN. So I continued to wait. I just recieved an e-mail on Friday notifying me that my order had been refunded. Confused, I went back to the tracking number. It still said that it was processed on October 9th, and that was all. Confused again, I started looking around and realized that the tracking info could be expanded. And when I expanded it, it had more details, about the order being shipped to my address, arriving, and then being "Undeliverable as Addressed" and being returned, all prior to October 9th. I've recieved several packages at this address, all addressed in the same manner, so I'm not sure why it wasn't delivered and why I didn't at least get a notice to pick it up at the local post office. Am I just out of luck now? Do I have to pay for everything all over again, including the shipping that I already paid for?
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  • My guess is that it couldn't be delivered and was returned to sender. When that happens, the amount gets refunded automatically.

    Please email [email][/email] with your order number and the correct shipping address, so I can compare it against the address that's on the order. It could be that a typo in the address on the order prevented it from making it to you.

    You'll have to place a new order, but I'll refund the shipping on the first one so you won't be out any additional money.
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