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Having problems with saving...

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I just bought the game, was all excited to play and everything. I spent about an hour playing and then decided I wanted to change the settings. When I clicked on settings it restarted my game and I had to start all over again. So, the next day (today) I felt like I could restart since it was only an hour of my time. Same exact thing happened when I tried to save my game except I clicked on exit game this time. This time I was about an hour and a half into the game and I really don't feel like doing it again. So, I would either like a refund or a fix to this problem because if it happens a third time I will be definitely getting a refund.
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  • It happened to me yesterday as well. I just purchased the game from the Telltale games store and not from Steam.

    Is that the case with you as well?
  • Yes, I purchased it from Telltale games store.
  • Same exact thing happened to me. I purchased app through Telltale and played episode 1. Quit, to go to the settings and it restarted the game. I started the game over again and exited after it had saved.. restarted the game and now it is making me start completely over again. This is crap!
  • Going to try reinstalling it, I will let you guys know if it works.
  • Identical Problem. PC version, downloaded from Telltale.

    I played episode 1 for approx hour and a half, then exited game to menu. Clicked on "settings" and the game restarted. Went back to menu, and every single menu option restarted the game. Had to go to task manager to exit the game. Rebooted computer, restarted game, and it puts me right back at the start.

    I looked in the savegame folder, and found several autosaves that I moved in case something happens to them. I noticed the discussion about the prefs.prop file, but this isn't the Steam version, and there was only one copy on my computer.

    Any help here? There appears to be no way for me to save or restore the game at all if I exit the game in the future.
  • I closed the game down completely and deleted the entire Telltale folder from the My Documents directory. Once you start the game again it will create a new folder.

    To test if it is now working for you just quit the game after the first auto save. I think it is right after the cop car crashes.

    I was able to finish episode 1 and 2 tonight (and i stopped the game and restarted a few times just to make sure it was working.)
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